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Tips from Brighton SEO: Unveiling the Highlights

Brighton SEO Where SEO Basics Meet SEO Innovation and Ice Cream!

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If you don't know me yet, my name is Chris Evans (not that one, or that one either!), and I am the newest addition to the Searchant team!

I joined the team this month as an SEO Account Manager.

I will be doing some newsletter takeovers, bringing you all the latest and greatest from the SEO sphere and more.

So now you know who I am, let us dive in!

My Top 5 Takeaways from Brighton SEO

I recently attended the Brighton SEO September 2023 conference, and here are my top 5 takeaways to help you (and us) stay ahead of the game:

Not everything needs to be advanced

Many SEO professionals are distracted by fancy new tools and working methods.

However, an increasing number of SEOs recognise that sometimes it is just about knowing what to fix first and sticking to the basics to get some SEO wins!

Key takeaway: Updating smaller tasks such as meta titles and internal links still significantly affects SEO!

Andy Mollison gave an impressive talk on just this! His slide deck can be found here!

AI is making SEO harder and easier

AI is both making SEO easier and equally becoming a hindrance!

It is helping us get things done quicker and more efficiently, but equally, it stifles progress in other areas - and more so regarding client relations, and it seems content cannibalisation issues!

Key Takeaway: AI and LLMs are here to stay, but how you use them will determine SEO success or failure!

Aleyda Solis completed a energetic talk on this and her slide deck is here.

Content is king until it isn't

Content is a core element of SEO, but when it is not built around a strategy or handled correctly, it is hyper-damaging to SEO.

This was the subject of a few speakers' talks around content cannibalisation and its impact on rankings and organic traffic.

Key Takeaway: Content for content's sake is not helpful; much like every element of SEO, your content needs to be planned and mapped out for the best results.

Charlie Whitworth did a talk on just this, you can find his slide deck here!

SEO is not dead but evolving

Every other week, we see posts about SEO being dead or being taken over by a new form of social media.

The truth is, SEO is far from dead - it is just evolving in how it works and the work needed to make it work for business owners.

Key Takeaway: Investment in SEO will still reap long-term rewards if done correctly!

Kapwom Dingis did a talk on using semantic SEO to improve rankings, you can find his side deck here.

SEOs LOVE ice cream

Mailchimp had the ingenious idea of having an ice cream bar on their stand this year, and boy, did the SEOs love it!

It seems most SEOs are fueled by coffee (if the Ahrefs stand was anything to go by) and ice cream, which seems like an awesome combo.

Key Takeaway: Buy your SEO a coffee or ice cream occasionally; trust me - it will be worth it!

Each of these takeaways, well, maybe bar number 5, could fill a whole newsletter on their own!

So, the team here at Searchant will be more in-depth about these in the coming weeks and months in newsletters, blogs and LinkedIn posts, so stay tuned for more!

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