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5 things you should do before creating new content

Ironic, I know..

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New content can be busy work, it feels like you’re making progress.

But ultimately if it doesn’t rank well, and contribute to business growth, then what’s the point?

Step off the content treadmill and do these 5 things before you create any new content.

Solid keyword research

Goes without saying, right?

But simply getting the search volume isn’t enough.

What’s the intent of the keyword?
→ Is it a no-brainer that you can rank for it?
→ Do you have the expertise to write something better than what’s already out there?
→ What additional assets do you need? (custom images, videos)

Finding keywords is the easy part, but qualifying them should go deeper.

Refresh existing striking-distance keywords

A better spend of time and resource is generally finding striking distance keywords that you already rank for (those in positions 5th-15th).

And optimising them so that they rank better.

Especially important if your bottom of funnel keywords are not in the top positions already.

Technical SEO improvements

If you’ve been pushing out new content for a while now, and you aren’t seeing any traction.

It's probably time to take a step back and run an audit.

To begin with, any tool-based audit will do the job, and depending on what you find you might want to dig deeper, with the help of an expert.

Build authority

Already have a library of content?

If your domain has no ‘authority’ it might just be missing backlinks, to help that content rank.

Run a quick competitor analysis and see how your authority compares to your competitors.

Build attribution

If your tracking isn’t up to scratch and you don’t know what is driving clicks/enquiries/revenue.

Then it’s important to understand the data so you can double down on what’s working.

“What gets measured gets improved.”

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