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  • 📈 119.35% increase in clicks from one small change

📈 119.35% increase in clicks from one small change

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Sometimes, even as seasoned SEO pros, we get stuck on increasing traffic to an important page.

We go through all of the traditional things like improving the content, adding more internal and external links, yada yada.

Sometimes that isn’t enough and we have to go a bit above and beyond.

Case in point —

We were stuck on this page for months, nothing seemed to get it moving.

It’s for a very high ticket service (6-7 figures) so even a small increase is worth it.

But as you can see from the above test (red line indicates before and after we implemented the change) we did eventually get things moving.

(big build up, for something that isn’t that revolutionary, nearly there now..)

We simply turned the information on the page, into a YouTube video, and embedded it back onto the site, above the fold.

That was enough to instantly increase the traffic to that page by 119.35%.

We’ve since repeated this process and found similar results, consistently, using our refined method.

On top of that, the video is also getting engagement and views on YouTube itself.

I’d call that a win.

Test it our yourself, or get us to do it for you.

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